Analysis on the development of solar energy technology

Feb 27,2017
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With the comprehensive promotion of “low-carbon economy”, green lighting and clean energy have been paid attention to by Governments, the development and use of solar photovoltaic technology in lighting applications is far more promising, near effective, promising career. Golden Investment Energy for you to introduce solar energy technology development status analysis.


1. Solar Thermal Application

(1) Solar water heaters.

Solar thermal utilization is one of the most widely used technologies in renewable energy technology.

(2) Solar air-conditioning cooling

As far as the world is concerned, solar refrigeration and application in air-conditioning cooling is still in the demonstration stage, its commercialization is not as high as the water heater, the main problem is high cost. But for the lack of electricity and electricity in the area, with the construction of a combination of considerations, the market potential is still very large.

(3) Solar thermal power generation

Solar thermal Power generation is an important aspect of solar energy utilization by using heat collector to convert solar radiant energy into heat energy and generate electricity through thermal cycling process.
Since the 8O’, the United States, Europe, Australia and other countries have set up different types of demonstration devices, promoting the development of thermal power generation technology. There are three kinds of solar thermal power generation systems in the world: Slot-line focusing system, tower system and disc system.

At present, only trough line focusing system is commercialized in three kinds of systems, the other two are in the demonstration stage, and the possibility and prospect of commercialization are realized. Three kinds of systems can be operated separately using solar energy, or they can be installed into a fuel mixing system.

The research and development of solar thermal power generation technology in China began in the late 70, but because of the technology, materials, components and related technologies have not been fundamentally resolved, so the gap is still very big.

(4) Solar room

The Solar house is an important aspect of direct use of solar energy. The house as a collector, through the design of high-performance insulation materials, light material, energy storage materials, such as organic integration, so that the House as much as possible to absorb and conserve solar energy, to achieve housing heating purposes. The Solar house concept and architecture combine to form the “Solar architecture” technology field, and become a hot spot of common concern in the solar energy and architecture circles. Solar House can save $number energy consumption and has good environmental and economic benefits, and become an important aspect of solar energy utilization technology. In the Solar House technology and application of Europe in the leading position, especially in the glass coating, window technology, transparent insulation materials and other aspects of the world’s leading position. The application of solar house in China began in the 70 ‘s, but mostly confined to rural areas.

The development of solar house in our country there are still the following problems: the design and construction of the solar house has not been combined with the architect’s design ideas and concepts, which have not been incorporated into the building codes and standards, and have influenced the rapid development and commercialization in some degree. The second is related to the transmission of light insulation materials, coated glass control, energy-saving windows, such as no commercialization, so that the level of the sun room is limited.

Solar greenhouses for vegetables and flowers are used more in northern China. The national solar greenhouse area of about 7 million acres, playing a better economic benefits.

2. PV Lighting Technology

Photovoltaic lighting technology is the use of battery components to convert solar energy directly into electricity to ignite the lighting source of the technology. Photovoltaic lighting system mainly includes: Solar module, controller, battery, inverter and lighting source. When the illumination source adopts DC power supply, the inverter is not used.

In the practical application aspect, although the Asia, the Americas and so on emerging market photovoltaic industry develops rapidly, but overall, Europe in the terminal market superiority still obvious. 2009 Global Solar Cell import volume reached 7.2GW, of which more than 75% of the new import volume is located in Europe, the main reason is that the European region on photovoltaic energy research and application started earlier.

Due to the vast geographical advantages of our country, the photovoltaic industry prospects for a good situation, due to the government’s strong support, and increase the photovoltaic industry publicity and demonstration, so that solar photovoltaic technology is in the ascendant. In the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition, most of its pavilions have been introduced into solar power, providing 40% of the lighting energy for the entire pavilion. It is foreseeable that in the near future, the concept of photovoltaic lighting will be gradually introduced into the electrical design of buildings. All this shows that the field of solar photovoltaic technology is promising.

But there is also room for improvement in photovoltaic lighting: 1, the initial investment high 2, the efficiency is not high, photovoltaic lighting system related equipment quality needs to be further improved 4, photovoltaic lighting by natural conditions to restrict 5, photovoltaic lighting by the location and direction of the constraints, in the backlight or sunlight is not exposed to the place and the weak light is restricted.

China’s solar lighting has been in the forefront of the world, the integration of solar modules and building components of the “photovoltaic-building integration technology” has been demonstrated through experts, will vigorously promote the industrialization of solar construction and market-oriented process. Although there are still some technical problems to be raised in solar lighting technology, it is not standard, these problems only in the development of the application of norms, and now the use of scenery and complementary technology, to solve the problem of insufficient light, with the increase in the efficiency of photovoltaic lighting technology, cost-effective will be greatly improved, which will contribute to China’s “green Lighting project” rapid development.