Solar street light development trend

Apr 9,2019
solar light
LED Solar street lamps use solar photovoltaic cells to provide electricity, solar energy as a green environmental protection new energy, “inexhaustible.”

Development status of solar LED street lamps in China
At present, the main problem of solar LED street lamp is high cost. In any case, at least to ensure the right requirements, one is to guarantee eight hours, and then the normal work of rainy days, durability is three years, and the annual light is 10%, in accordance with the basic requirements of luminous flux is less than 30%, to ensure the basic implementation of the configuration, according to the theory and practice a large number of data summed up the experience is that in the northern region is 4, in the Qinghai region of Tibet is 3, that is There is a proportional relationship between the accumulator and the controller.

A contradictory focus is that the power of the light source determines the structure of the solar system. For example, like a typical configuration, only this configuration can meet five rainy days and eight hours a day, all the sun version and this is basically 1:4, so the battery control is 10. Solar power supply cost per watt is in 320~346 yuan, because the price is 4800~5200 yuan per set (07-08 years of Beijing basic tender Price).

There are only three ways to reduce costs. The first is optimal design to improve efficiency, the second is to change the configuration to reduce costs, the third is to improve the optical efficiency of reducing power.

The feasibility of cost reduction
1. The first is the optimal design. For solar cells, from 1980 from years, efficiency increased 3~4%, so the space is very small, 3 years is expected to be $number, can reach 15~16% is very good. For the efficiency of the controller, the domestic excellent has reached 0.975, foreign is 96%, in the last two years to improve the space only $number, can not reach 99%, 100%. For the efficiency of lamps, solar power is small power, under 50W. Domestic 50W sodium lamp test is $number, energy-saving lamps, high voltage lamps and metal lamps, because there is an electronic resolution of energy consumption, the bad times are mostly electronic resolution damage, and LED lamps such as light source is excepted.

2. For several low-cost configurations, when the cost of resources is low, the solar cell configuration is reasonable, but the experimental value is very small, when people leave the lighting, the part of the electricity storage is very small, lighting less than eight hours a day. The second is the small solar cells, the control of the battery is small, can not guarantee to every day. The third aspect is the solar cell small, the battery is big, belongs to steals the catty to reduce two. Although the first 10 days can be guaranteed a day without electricity can be shiny, but in fact, the battery is used. The Power high configuration is low, although the light is bright, but can not guarantee to eight hours.

3. The system design space is very small, the other low cost control affects the quality, the conventional light source nearly two or three years will raise, the conclusion is that uses the conventional technology to reduce the solar energy system cost greatly. So what is the idea of the design? is to improve the effectiveness of light, that is, the third kind of scheme mentioned just now. Improving the light efficiency is equivalent to reducing power, reducing the power is equal to reducing costs, so improve LED light efficiency is another way to reduce costs. From the network engineering point of view, on the basis of the LM, LED light efficiency increased by 15%, solar cost can be reduced by 10%. Improve the effect of light on the system is not big, because the quality of the lighting will not be reduced, the total amount of optical drive is similar, the cost of solar energy is significantly reduced, the battery is less, battery bracket, maintenance, battery board are all falling. High-efficiency led increase costs as long as the control is good, in total cost of $number. If you want to select led, the same light efficiency = the same lighting power, that is, 1w=320 yuan, must be the power down! According to the different led at home and abroad, although all is $number lm light effect, but the strain illuminance is poor $number, this is called ask a value.

Second, with an efficient LED is not able to make a better lighting?

Led efficiency should be greater than $number LM, and constant current circuit efficiency is greater than equals 90%, it is best to choose the step-up type, because the step-down type (DD311 DD322) of the chip efficiency is greater than or equal to 80%. Several of the new booster types in the United States, chip efficiency is greater than 93%. In addition to reduce the backlight loss, because now a lot of the lens is poor, light material is not the same, some lenses light transmittance is good, some light transmittance is very poor.
Now efficient led only three kinds, 6-8 hours, lithium battery, the smallest can also be made into an LED, can be loaded in one minutes. 08 domestic commonly used specifications and prices are 35W. For development opportunities, there are two one is that the price of solar panels has fallen sharply, from 07 to $30 to 10 dollars, especially in the past October; The second development opportunity is the domestic LED light efficiency has been close to the $number LM, so the price drop every year around 25%.

Third, led street tenders should be the power to quote

Finally put forward a proposal, the future of the street lamp bidding should be the power to quote. There is also the development of products to find out its characteristics. The above-mentioned applications of solar systems are encouraging and encouraging development effects. Then there is the solar led street lamp to have technical support, respect intellectual property rights, products have commercial value, it is possible to achieve commercial results.